Information on Customized Flags


The standard size of a flag is 4.5ft x 3ft which is the same as our National Flag. The ratio of the length and the height of the flag is 3:2. However, we can also custom make different sizes with different proportions according to your requirements.


We understand that there may be more than 1 design and 1 flag. Please inform us the quantity for each of the designs.


Print can be seen on both sides of the flag. However, it can either be one-sided print or double-sied print.

A single side print flag means that it is a print through that results in a mirrored image on reverse side of the flag. However, different materials will have a different print through percentlage, thus visibility of the image differs on different materials.

Single side print Flag on Polyester (70gsm)

Single side print Flag on Polyester (160gsm)

A double-sided flag is created from 2 separate flags that are printed and then sewn together. It can either have same image or a different print on both sides.

Double side print flag on Polyester (160gsm)



We can convert any artwork you may have into vector file formats. Sign companies, media companies, and graphic artists alike- all of them know that vector files are the best file format for printing. If possible, please send us files in these formats:

– Adobe Illustrator Files – EPS (Vector) – AI (Vector) – PDF (Vector)

If not, all other file formats can be sent but they must be of high resolution and fulfil the following: Other File Formats: – JPEG high resolution file with 300dip – Photo images of 500KB or larger Do you not have a proper vector file or do you need our help to do the artwork/amend the artwork? Do not worry! To guarantee your satisfaction, we can assist to convert your art to vector files or make amendments for free when you order your custom flags from us.


Colours using Pantone Matching System (Pantone Codes) As different materials may produce different colours, we match the colours by using pantone codes. This allows us to match your colours as close as possible to get the perfect results that you want. Whether you choose screen printing, heat transfer or digital printing, we will do our best to match all pantone codes.


Listed below are available fixtures for our flags:

Option 1: Rope Loops 

This is the most common type of fixture to hoist a flag onto the flag pole. These are two looped pieces of heavy duty rope, which are attached to the hanging side of the flag and then to attach the flag to the flag line.

Option 2: Sleeve Pocket

Sleeves are common for hang held flags or free-standing flags. The pole can then be a slide on, and the top is usually sewn together with strings to prevent the flag from sliding down.

Option 3: Eyelets/Grommets 

They are placed on the hanging side of the flag. It can be on the top left and top right of the flag, top left and bottom left of the flag if you intend to hang it. It can also be at 4 corners of the flag if you intend to suspend the flag in midair.

Option 4: No Fixtures

If you do not require any fixtures, we will sew the perimeter of the flag so that it is neat and tidy.

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